The Story

Chapter 1. Waifu Stole My Seed

The Secret Waifu Society strikes again. The heist? The wallets and seed phrases of 3 sad bois; Chad, Blake and Trey. Determined to get their wallets back, they have recruited the help of detectives to hunt down and capture the waifus. The prize? The full contents of their wallets.

The Game

• 3000 Unique Waifu NFTs available to capture (i.e Mint)
• 3 Stolen crypto wallets filled with 30% of mint and 3% royalties
• 24 seed words to unlock a wallet

Each waifu holds 1 seed word only viewable to the owner of the NFT as private metadata.


Waifu Stole My Seed
Join the hunt, mint waifus and find the hidden seed words to unlock the 3 prize wallets.

Intro mint price 45 30 $SCRT for early supporters
Give Her a Name
Rename your Waifu and give her the name she deserves for 3 $SCRT.

Mint price 45 35 $SCRT if not yet minted out
Tell her story
Tell the world your waifu's story by rewriting the NFT's description for a small fee.

Mint price 45 40 $SCRT if not yet minted out
Waifus gone wild
How wild? Only the owner of the waifu NFT will know by looking at their private metadata 😉

This concludes Chapter 1 of the 𝕊ecret Waifuverse and the mint price will now be full price at 45 $SCRT if not yet minted out.
Chapter II: Waifus in Space**
Waifus suit up and fly to the Terra Base Station as a wrapped NFT

**Pending IBC enabled smart contract interoperability to allow Terra-SCRT interchain communication
Chapter II: Battle Genesis**
Waifus must fight for the sake of the planet Earth. Which side will you be on?

**The start of Chapter II will start with the Battle Genesis if Waifus in Space is not yet technically feasible


Wen mint?
We're still busy working to put everything together and don't have a definite launch date yet but we're hoping for something at the end of March or early April. We will not rush this project and will only launch once we have ironed out all of the details to give us the best chance of success.
Why Secret Network?
Secret Network is a privacy by default blockchain that allows for NFTs to have private metadata that is only viewable to the owner of the NFT. We are making use of this private metadata by hiding seed phrase words of 3 prize wallets in each NFT. We will also be using private metadata for a future NSFW update. 🤫
Prize wallets?
There will be 3 prize wallets (hidden treasures) that will be filled with 30% of the mint proceeds and also 3% of all secondary royalty sales. Each NFT will have 1 of 24 seed words needed to unlock these wallets. Upon minting out, each wallet should have approximately 10,000 $SCRT each.
Seed words?
Each prize wallet can be opened with a specific sequence of 24 seed words in the correct order. Each Waifu NFT will have 1 hidden seed word. The word will have the wallet # and order #. Words will not be evenly distributed. The first of the 24 words will be more common while the later ones will be much rarer.
WL plz!
Come hang out in our Discord and follow us on Twitter for discounted mint whitelist opportunities


The core team of Chad, Trey and Blake have been the greatest of friends for almost 2 decades. They all met while studying at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) and lived together for over 5 years after that.

Chad and Blake are no strangers to starting a business together. They started a software company back in 2009 which is still profitable and making them a small amount of passive income every month.

Chad has a degree in Electrical Engineering from UCSD and has been doing software development for over 10 years with 10 years in product management.

Trey received his Master of Computer Science degree from UCSD and has been working as a software engineer for over 20 years.

Blake shares a love for all things anime and is a true Man of Culture. He helps out with all of our socials and marketing.

ChungMechanic joined the team when we were looking for a new artist to take this project to the next level. Needless to say, his art has amazed us and has exceeded any expectations we had when we first approached him. We are thrilled to have him join us as we build out the 𝕊ecret Waifuverse.